3rd and 5th Semester Admission Start on 14.09.2020.



1) e Lan 2020 Webinar on Library and Allied Subjects in Network

2) Webinar and Poster Competition to Celebrate World Environment Day

3) Quiz Contest on Covid-19

4) e-ConSus 2020, e-Conference on Revisiting Strategies for Sustainable Development

5) Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on Teaching Learning Environment

6) Webinar on Recent Developments on the Understanding of Epidemic Dynamics and Studying the Evolution of our Universe by Probing the Neutral Hydrogen Distribution over the Cosmological Time Scales

7) Quiz Contest on Research Methodology

8) Webinar on Epidemics and Society

9) Webinar on Impact of Covid -19 on Indian Economy and Business - Challenges and Strategies for Revival

10) Mathophilia 2020, Webinar on Mathematics & Mathematicians: from Vedic to Present Pandemic

11) Webinar on A Venture into Prospects in Career and Higher Education

12) Chemspiration 2020 International Webinar on Challenges and Conquest on New Normal Global Scenario

13) Webinar and District Level Elocution Competition to Celebrate International Youth Day 2020

14) Webinar on Online Teaching and Learning in purview of National Education Policy

15) Webinar on Pursuit of Mental Wellness in the time of Covid-19

16) Two Day National e-Workshop on Citations, References and Research Ethics

17) Webinar of Beagle Nature Club