3rd and 5th Semester Admission Start on 14.09.2020.

History of the Glorious Past


The Potentiality of Asansol as an industrial metropolitan Centre had been realized from the very beginning of the 20th century. The need of the day was to give the region a boost in higher education to facilities its growth and development

It was Prof. Satyakali Mukherjee who had submitted a proposal for the first time for opening a college in Asansol in 1944 to the existing Chairman of Asansol Municipality, Mr. Jogendranath Roy and the then SDO, Mr. Woodford, I.C.S. This is noble endeavor was supported by eminent stalwarts of Society as well as the general people of different strata who donated generously for the establishment of a higher academic institution. 

A leading businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. G.S.Atwal initiated the move by constructing a field-building for the purpose in 1944 which was named Asansol College, affiliated to the University of Calcutta. I.A. Classes began with a students strength of only 132. However after this humble beginning, different corporate bodies and education stalwarts of Asansol, eminent representative of the society holding high positions, along with positive effort of the staff of Asansol Municipal Corporation and the Eastern Railway, collectively contributed towards to establishment of this college, A renowned businessman of the locality, who was also a freedom fighter, a social reformer as well as a visionary, Sri Banwarilal Bhalotia, magnanimously donated a plot of land of 20 Bighas towards a permanent building for the asansol College, Not of less importance is the impetus and support of Late Sri Shivdas Ghatak and Dr. B.C. Roy, the then Chief Minister of Bengal. With of unanimous encouragement and support all sections of the society, the newly-constructed college building (the present old building of the college) was inaugurated by the then Vice-Chancellor of Burdwan University, Sri S.K. Guha, and the college (B.B.College in short, enrolling itself under Burdwan University) in acknowledgment of the generous and unconditional support of the charismatic personality.

Therefore the college has progressed in leaps and bounds. It was almost a divine opportunity to the people of the locality and no doubt, they have made the best use of it. The college has kept record of the outstanding results of its alumni for the past 66 years who, through their positive contribution to the nation, have made the college proud. Knowledge is power, Endorsing the students with power is intrinsically the mission and vision of the college.